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      Project Details


      Fred IT, a Telstra health company, are a leading provider of pharmaceutical dispensary systems and fully integrated POS solutions. The Fred team has extensive in house pharmacy expertise and work hard to design and develop business wide solutions for the pharmacy and health industries. Currently Fred IT work with more than 3000 Australian businesses and have a large software development team to continually improve and innovate their many product offerings.


      Fred IT were experiencing heavy performance issues with sites being hosted on the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform. In total there were 17 separate sites that experienced varying issues related to loading and performance. Fred IT technical team had worked to find solutions, and had also received support from Microsoft related to the setup of Azure. However, their troubleshooting was not delivering results at a level required and the time spent was impacting their backlog of high priority product related tasks. Fred IT realized they were going to need to engage with external professionals and started the search for a solutions provider. Contact with Bloom was made through a corporate recommendation, and ultimately it was the level of instant advice given on the first contact that gave Fred IT the confidence to engage.


      Bloom sent a Consultants with specific skills in Microsoft Azure to work onsite with Fred IT; the work of this consultant was to complete a review of the current setup for the hosting of public facing web sites on Azure at Fred IT, and to work to optimize the performance of these sites by recommending any suitable changes needed and applying the most suitable configurations for the best possible result. A two page document was produced covering solutions and suggestions for best practice with listing of priority for action, following this several immediate actions were taken to apply appropriate configurations and settings to achieve optimum results.

      Concurrently, Bloom’s offshore development team worked offsite to complete fine tuning on the source code provided by Fred IT. This Included: Eliminating render blocking JavaScript and CSS, optimizing images and CSS delivery, applying browser caching and minifying HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. A back end programmer also completed a full performance tune of the MySQL database.


      At the completion of all onsite and offsite work, a detailed document was produced for Fred IT management that specified final additional recommendations for further performance improvement which included changing a number of plugins and the use of 3rd party tools to assist with speed and performance as well as monitoring and issue reporting. The end result was an 88% increase of performance on the first site worked on, similar results for other sites, and Fred IT have remained an ongoing client for Bloom in multiple areas since.