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      How Covid-19 is Changing Cyber Security

      Bloom Admin / June 1, 2020 / Uncategorized

      In 2020, an unseen virus has changed the entire world dramatically. The virus is known as the COVID-19 that stopped everything that humans do on daily basis from school to business. It has devastatingly affected the world economy which will not likely regain strength quickly. At the time of writing this, the whole world is still fighting against this virus.

      As most of the businesses are completely shut down, we have adopted a new way of working, WFH or working from home using the technology at home we used to only engage with in the workplace. Use of more technology as home has made us more vulnerable around the internet which we are not aware of. It is high time IT experts pay attention to cyber security because this virus has made the use of technology very different to how it was before. Home infrastructure is quite different from commercial IT infrastructure and hackers have already started to play around the web in almost every sector to find vulnerabilities.

      Roughly 70% of companies around world are now thinking about increasing their investments in cyber security so that they can protect their most valuable data from cyber-attacks.

      Cyber Risks in The Work from Home Process

      Most organizations started remote work from home using their hosted technology so that they could survive in this pandemic. This created a great risk of breaching on the network of individual organizations. Because, working remotely means that all the devices of employees are connected to the network often through unsecure pathways. And this makes the network of the organizations very vulnerable because home devices are not monitored by the IT of organizations is monitored. Moreover, everyone is using their home Wi-Fi to get connected to the internet which is not so secured.

      Using these devices anyone can easily gain access to the network of the organization and can get the valuable data and information. These valuable pieces of data and information can easily destroy a company.

      So, to protect the information and valuable data of the organization, it is important to pay more attention to cyber security. It is recommended that you engage Cyber Security experts to secure each device that is using the company database and network. If a DDoS attack occurs in the network of any organization, it will be very costly and the loss to business will be much bigger. That is why it is necessary to take all possible steps to secure the network of every company.

      Phishing Attacks

      Phishing attacks are an extremely easy way to breach anyone’s security without giving a high effort. The COVID-19 has changed behaviors of people accessing technology in many ways. For instance, during lockdown periods everyday we have seen changes in the way people are looking for new things on internet, surfing on new sites, clicking on various links which usually blocked in a secure office internet environment.

      This changing behavior in the internet is being followed and analyzed by hackers and they are planning Phishing campaigns based on what they see and are targeting companies based on their technically weakest people. They create malicious sites and circulate the links to the people who are most likely to click it and once they click it the whole organizations security is compromised. That is why organizations as well as the people need to be more careful about clicking on any suspicious links and applying security measures to people’s home computers and home networks ought to be considered.


      There is no doubt that this pandemic will change cyber security in a great way to protect the security of individuals and organizations. If all companies around the world who are following the work from home process do not pay attention to their cyber security right away, they will be at great risk of a major cyber-attack that they may not recover from. IT professionals should come forward to take the necessary steps to reduce the cyber security risks in their business or engage with a cyber security consulting firm that will show them what to do.

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