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      Grapple Finance

      Product Road map

      Strategic Delivery

      End-to-End Product build

      React. JS / Node / AWS


      Grapple is a marketing leading Fintech product in Australia delivering an invoice financing platform. Through a peer to peer invoice financing marketplace businesses are able to obtain funding against their invoices. Intelligent technology systems developed to automate the due diligence is able to assign a risk profile to each Registered Invoice Seller and Invoice Debtor including automated credit and fraud checks from external parties.

      The Grapple platform seamlessly integrates into the Clearmatch Marketplace Lending Platform for an automated big and acceptance process based upon investor risk and preference profiles.


      With a successful capital raise and rapidly growing business Grapple was left with a backlog of tasks and requirements and a shortage of team members and guidance to provide. Through the assistance of Bloom and our Management as a Service, Marcel Rizzolo was placed as interim Technology Director to see through the initial scope of engagement which included the allocation of up to 5 development team resources.

      With a lot of pressure on delivery Bloom was able to commence work immediately through internal team members and scale the team where required to ensure delivery on a tight schedule for press releases and key function upgrades.


      As a fast growing Fin Tech product Grapple is well position with their permanent management and development team members to face the challenges of managing growth through their ability to rapidly scale where necessary while maintaining the relevant team members knowledge on their product and growing the function set which now includes Supply Chain Financing, integration with major accounting systems for immediate invoice payment.