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      Project Details

      How Switch Automation increased

      team bandwidth by going

      distributed with Bloom

      Tech Stack

      .NET / Vue.JS / AWS


      Switch Automation provides real-time visibility into building performance to help organisations analyze, automate and control buildings. Through implementation of Switch Automation organisations may gain through a reduction in oversight and energy consumption costs.


      Switch Automation had new features to be migrated to modern frameworks and create one clean pathway moving forward. With a focus on high quality delivery and need for very senior team members who are able to deliver while being under an evolving set of requirements and flexibility that must be commenced immediately Dion Scher was in charge of the requirements and came in to create a clear product road map. “Insert quote about lean team who he was coming in to build out and take product to next level”.

      With senior developers available to join the product immediately Bloom was able to deliver resources to specification without the time delay of recruitment or hiring meaning the team could get started immediately. Switch consequently ran with Steve Tran and Thanh Nguyen to get the timeline back on track and still continue with the team to deliver along with the assistance of Ha Nguyen managing delivery of the team.


      Switch Automation was able to expand their talent pool and gain high quality team members by looking past their current operational centres and create a distributed team in Vietnam. This team while initially two resources now includes a delivery manager overseeing task and pipeline reporting directly to the head of front end development. Having the flexibility to take on both FTE and PTE’s when required has provided the facility to scale up or have extra attention to a project where required.