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      Project Details


      Mike Dolce is an award winning MMA trainer leading the market in weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle. His web-platform is the gateway for consumers to become a part of his program which incorporates not only the meal and exercise plans but also a key piece of technology incorporated from a Bloom Partner organization which provides constant analysis of data inputs to allow for the most up-to-date assessment of progress.


      Mike Dolce approached Bloom with a highly truncated requirement that would allow for the launch of a new website and the incorporation of the analysis and subscriber sections of the update, in line with key calendar and marketing requirements to allow for the maximum uptake of the new technology offering for the preparation period of those wishing to be ‘Summer Body Ready’. As a key technology partner, Bloom had to look at the requirements for marketing including social media and mail-outs for existing subscribers to ensure that delivery and expectations were aligned throughout the process. Development of the updated website was to be done in-line with very specific requirements direct from Mike Dolce and key product owners to ensure a blend between aesthetics, user experience, and functionality. This new website was to be developed to ensure existing SEO elements were maintained and if possible enhanced due to the importance of Mike Dolce’s positioning in generating further sales and market interaction. Also important was the user engagement with a number of blog and content areas within the website having to be appropriately populated to ensure information was available for all visitors upon launch.


      Delivery of this solution in the restricted timeframe was the key delivery requirement of the client in this process and as such it was important that there was flexibility to allow for the scaling of Bloom resources for the high work volume moments through this project. Given the public facing and high traffic nature of the website it wasn't critical that all design and functionality elements were thoroughly tested. Completing this project in line with the time demands detailed in our initial brief was achieved by Bloom to provide an information portal to new customers while also giving the subscription and analysis features that existing subscription holders would require.

      Integration into key 3rd party software tools to manage mail-outs and business management allows for the client to have a fully incorporative and feature driven solution where their business can at all times have features and transactions managed by the web portal and updated across relevant software tools.


      Mike Dolce was able to achieve in a very short time frame the delivery a new public facing website that provided a number of static and dynamic information portals highlighting the value and experience that he can bring to a those health conscious individuals who were to become a part of his program. Various subscription portal areas which allow for mail and newsletter subscriptions through to full user access where those paying members are able to track their progress and retrieve curated premium subscription information. Provision of an eCommerce platform is delivered via Volusion eCommerce solution package allowing for retail purchasing and wholesale purchase order options to be undertaken by the consumer. Delivery and deployment were completed with the client continuing to engage Bloom for subsequent website management and updating requirements to meet ever changing business objectives.