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      Project Details


      WellteQ is one of the world's most comprehensive and powerful employee engagement and wellness platforms, delivered globally without barriers.

      WellteQ is creating the future of precision wellness through a digital wellbeing ecosystem taking users from point of prevention through to point of care. Delivered into the corporate health and insurance sector to drive user engagement through a personalized wellness journey. WellteQ uses a range of data types from wearable devices, sensors, biomarkers, and user-generated data that, in combination with machine learning and artificial intelligence enables individual-level insights into Stress, Fatigue, Sleep Quality, Cognitive Function, and Activity levels. Behavioral science and content targeting use biometric and behavioral analytics to deliver personalized wellness insights and practical recommendations to build engagement, agency, and more effective sustainable management of personal wellness.


      As a leading integrator of wearable devices WellteQ were invited by Garmin to create their own employee wellness app. At the time WellteQ has a number of B2B projects with large enterprise businesses and needed access to more resources to be able to deliver both customized solutions to their enterprise clients as well as create an app for Garmin and strengthen that partnership. With ambitious goals and no time to spare WellteQ began to search for solutions and ultimately were referred by one of their executive board members to Bloom who had known Bloom’s services through other engagements and was happy to make an introduction.


      Bloom sent a consultant to first engage and understand their needs, go through in detail their current platform and the technologies in place, and meet the technical team currently in charge. After this, a proposal was made and WellteQ agreed to engaging a 5 person team consisting of two front end developers, two back end developers and, a QA/Delivery manager to work with their tech team lead and product owner based out of Singapore on the development of the Garmin application. A tight timeline was set, and it was agreed to use Scrum in 2-week sprints to deliver “shippable” sections of the new application that could be shown to Garmin on a demo app as the project went on.


      With a few very high pressure sprints the project was completed successfully on the date agreed with Garmin and the result was excellent. Garmin requested several changes that were also delivered to plan, and the final outcome was WellteQ agreeing to keep the Bloom team on long term. The Bloom team worked with WellteQ to do a full refresh of the UI on their core B2B app, a refresh of the customer Admin portal, integrate more wearable devices, complete a full build of a SQL BI / D3.Js solution to create a number of visual reports for enterprise clients, and the addition of a DevOps team to complete the full migration of services to AWS with full automation for future development.